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HomeCommittees 2/23

The work of HomeHaven is carried out by the Board and its three committees: Governance, Finance, and Fund Development; by the Village Leadership Council working with the Executive Director; and by a number of management committees working with the Executive Director: Activities, Health & Wellness, Household Services, IT (Information Technology), Membership, and Visitors. A description of their charges and the names of the committee members are given below.

Board and Board Committees

Officers: Kerry Triffin, president; Rick Allen, vice president; Celeste Markle, secretary; Al Atherton, treasurer.
Directors: Diane Ariker, Hans Bergmann, Judith Colton, Bob Dannies, Harvey Feinberg, Andrew McLaren, Fred O'Brien, Hal Spitzer, Pam Stanton.


Finance Committee
Bob Dannies, chair; Al Atherton, treasurer; Kerry Triffin, president; Steve August, Jim Barnes, Betsy Barnston, Bill Brainard, Carolyn Gould, Sarah Greenblatt, Roger Ibbotson.

Finance is a Board committee charged with overseeing and monitoring the financial health and viability of HomeHaven. It oversees budgeting, auditing, and financial reporting to the Board of Directors; monitors insurance programs; and recommends fees for membership. The Committee is comprised of members of the community who share a commitment to the mission of HomeHaven and who have experience in financial matters.

Fund Development Committee

Frank Estes, chair; Kerry Triffin, president; Louis Audette, Susan Holahan, Andrew McLaren.


Fund Development is a Board committee charged with designing and implementing a long-term fundraising plan for the organization, in consultation with the Executive Director and the Finance committee. The Committee welcomes members and non-members with interest and experience in fund development.

Governance Committee
Hans Bergmann, chair; Kerry Triffin, president; Diane Ariker, Dick Bell, Susan Feinberg, Patty Langdon, Fred O'Brien, Pam Stanton.

Governance is a Board committee constituted to develop and lead processes that assure good governance of the organization. It reviews and recommends policies relative to the operations of the Board; reviews and recommends job descriptions, training, and personnel manuals; identifies, considers and recommends potential members of the Board and various committees; and provides for their development and training. It evaluates the performance of the Board and its members. The Committee manages the annual board and officer election process. The Committee is made up of members of the Board and of the community who share a commitment to the mission of HomeHaven and who have expertise in organizational structure and development.


Management Committees

HomeHaven's Management committees provide support and direction for our activities and services. If you have energy and ideas to share, please contact the Office to speak with our Executive Director.  We welcome your participation!

Activities Committee

Nima Agarwal, Louis Audette, Harriet Bergmann, Anne Curtis, Jeanne Drury, Francie Irvine, Trish O'Leary-Treat, Kerala Snyder, Kerry Triffin. Staff: Kate Hay.

The Activities Committee works with the Operations Manager and Executive Director to present a varied and attractive calendar of educational, cultural, recreational, and social programs and events. The committee promotes member involvement and participation and encourages all members to offer suggestions for future events.

Health & Wellness Committee
Pat Jackson Allen, chair; Susan Bers, Linda McCreless, Bobbi Miller, Dr. Phil Pierce, Dr. Ron Rozett, Nancy Ruddle, Gary Rudnick, Allan Smits.

The Health and Wellness Committee works with the Executive Director to review and advise on our referrals to home healthcare agencies and services. The committee plans health & wellness education presentations and programs. The committee has been instrumental in advising during the recent pandemic.

Household Services Committee
Hal Spitzer, chair; Harvey Feinberg, Steve King, Sharon Matthews

The Household Services Committee works with the Executive Director to help members live safely in their homes as they get older. The committee oversees the Home Safety Assessment we offer as a complimentary service to members, done by a Certified Aging-in-Place contractor, who then makes recommendations for repairs or improvements. The Office refers members to reliable and qualified property maintenance tradespeople. Feedback about members' satisfaction with home repair services is a priority, and member participation and recommendations are welcome.

IT Task Force

Mary Barnes, chair; Harriet Bergmann, Bill Brainard, Ann Dallavalle, Philip Rosenthal, John Sawyer, Mary-Jo Warren.

The IT Committee helps the Office with its tech needs and works with the Office to maintain current membership data and properly archive organization records. The committee helps members with many types of technical needs such as computer set-up and trouble-shooting laptops, printers, tablets, phones -- MAC, PC; Apple, Android. Mary and Harriet also work on keeping the website up-to-date.

Leadership Council: Village Leaders of our Five Villages
Rotating chairs:  Rick Allen and Judy Moore (Amity), Open position (Downtown), Karen Schneider and Kerala Snyder (East Rock), Judith Colton, Patty Langdon, Carolyn Gould, and Annelies Sheehan (Hamden-North Haven), Susan Feinberg and Celeste Markle (Westville).

The Leadership Council is comprised of the Leaders of HomeHaven's Villages: Amity, Downtown, East Rock, Hamden-North Haven, and Westville. The Leaders meet monthly to share information about members’ needs, services, and interests, as well as to plan Village activities related to membership outreach and engagement. The Council provides essential feedback to the Board, committees, and management on the health, wellbeing, and needs of HomeHaven’s membership. The Leadership Council is staffed and supported by the Executive Director. 

Membership Committee
Kaye Maggart, chair; Janice Beeghly, Bill Brainard, Judith Colton, Barbara Fiddler, Linda Klein, Trish O'Leary, Kerry Triffin. 

The Membership Committee works with the Office and the Village Leaders to engage new members and help them become integrated into the community. The committee is involved in outreach to potential new members. A particular focus is reaching out to Baby Boomers, who are expected to be the next wave of new members. 

Visitors Committee
Rick Allen and Judith Colton, co-chairs; Linda DiVicino, Sue Eisner, Barbara Fiddler, Paul Hawkshaw, Kay Hendon, Bonnie Hole, Linda Klein, Peggy MacMullen, Cathy Parsons, Jackie Trimble Shapiro.

The Visitors Committee is comprised of member and nonmember volunteers who visit HomeHaven members to converse, walk, read or listen to music together. The committee meets to share ideas, experiences, and advice. Visitors provide companionship to members and are often able to gauge how they are faring. They work closely with the Executive Director, the Office, and Village Leaders to provide support and help reduce members' isolation. Visitors are encouraged to observe the HomeHaven Confidentiality Credo: "Please share the least amount of information with the fewest people needed to manage a situation and get the job done."