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HomeHaven, Inc.
291 Whitney Avenue
Suite 103
New Haven, CT 06511

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HomeComputer and IT Assistance

Computer and IT Assistance

The Information Technology Committee and a cadre of computer-savvy HomeHaveners can help you take better advantage of what computers offer, whether it’s getting better connected through your email, smart phones or tablet, or using the computer to facilitate your daily life or to enhance your creative process. They also help solve computer problems and, if they can’t solve the problem, they provide advice about what to do.


Some of the services that the IT Group can provide:

  • Setting up new computers
  • Installing and fixing printers
  • Establishing or re-establishing Internet connections
  • Navigating new versions of once-familiar programs
  • Teaching email basics
  • Teaching smart phone uses
  • Helping with word processing skills
  • Adjusting font sizes on screen displays
  • Getting rid of viruses
  • Advising about the purchase of computers and related equipment
  • Getting a computer back to normal after a helpful young person has “fixed” it or after it has been “improved” with upgrades

Volunteers make home visits and offer assistance by telephone.  If you need help just call the HomeHaven office and ask for a consultation.  All their services are free of charge.